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Tuning Fork Therapy


Healing with Sound Therapy, Sonopuncture

Sonopuncture is an alternative healing method using tuning forks therapy. A tuning fork is struck with a rubber mallet which causes it to vibrate and resonate. The vibration causes a fluctuation of high and low pressure in the surrounding air. The sound waves are transported to the body through the process of entrainment.

Entrainment is when two objects begin to vibrate at the same frequency. It is almost as if they are dancing together. Read more about how entrainment works.

With tuning fork therapy, the tuning fork is pointed at the area of the body which needs healing. Vibrations created by the tuning fork are sent to nerve endings, thereby transmitting a signal to parts of the body. When transmitting this energy through the body, the theory is that organs may be enhanced by freeing constriction of organs, therefore increasing blood flow.

This harmonic balancing treatment uses tuning forks to bring the body into balance. The treatment is similar to a massage, but the client reclines on the treatment table while fully clothed. Tuning forks are passed over the body. The sound will become louder or softer where there are areas of concentrated or deficient energy. The tuning fork is held over an area of discord until the body attunes itself to the vibration and relaxes.


Tuning Fork Healing Frequency

It appears that the mental, physical and emotional areas are affected by tuning fork therapy. With the theory of tuning fork healing, the emitted sound waves seem to cause deep relaxation, restore the mind, balance the body and help the body to heal itself. Consequently, ailments from physical pain to addictive behavior may be helped. It also seems that tuning forks may reduce stress and muscle tension, pain and spasms. There are also claims that blood flow increases and circulation improves because constriction of specific organs is relieved.


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Books and DVDs


Sound Healing

Vibrational Healing with Ohm Tuning Forks

128 Pages
Includes a DVD

By Marjorie de Muynck


Tuning Fork Therapy

A practical application manual plus a 25 minute DVD.

In the manual you will find:

  • The healing aspects of vibration, sound and music
  • 25 treatment protocols, illustrated, for self treatment and treatment of others
  • Explanation of a sound system using Ohm tuning forks plus music in the "key" of Ohm
  • Additional illustrations and photographs

In the DVD you will find:

  • Techniques for using tuning forks
  • Pace of application and body mechanics
  • Application methods
  • 20 protocols for treating others using anatomical placements and acu-points
  • How to utilize singing bowls and crystal bowls in a treatment setting


Sound Healing with Tuning Forks

DVD 1:45 min

by John Beaulieu


Tuning Forks
Out of Stock


Easy to understand demonstration of how to use tuning forks on yourself and on others. Includes an explanation of the science behind tuning forks in understandable language.

You will learn

  • How to activate a tuning fork
  • How to conduct a tuning fork session
  • Theory and use of Otto tuning forks to stimulate nerve centers and acupressure points
  • Explanation of Pythagorean intervals related to spirals and still points


Cosmic Octave: Origin of Harmony

The Power of Inherent Vibrations, by Hans Cousto

by Hans Cousto


Solfeggio Tuning Forks

This book is for anyone curious about the universe. Hans Cousto demonstrates the direct relationship of astronomical data to ancient and modern measuring systems, medicine, music and the human body.

According to the author, the result is an all-encompassing system of measurement with which it is possible to transpose the movements of the planets into audible rhythms and sounds, and into color. This basic system of measurement clearly demonstrates the harmonic relationship that exists between different kinds of natural phenomena in the fields of meteorology, astronomy and microbiology. This book gives an explanation of this system of measurement which is inherent in the general structure of all beings, just like the harmony of music. It also gives instructions on how to prove the existence of these universal relationships.

This book discusses the origin of Harmony, Planets, Tones, Colors, and the Power of Inherent Vibrations. The one book to have if you can only have one.

Paperback. 140 pages.


(A mallet and an activator are included with each set)

Tuning Fork


Solfeggio Tuning Forks

Hard Rubber
2.5" Diameter

Tuning Fork


Tuning Forks for Healing
9" Wooden Handle
1" Hard Rubber Head


See animated diagrams of tuning fork vibrations.

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